Steep in style with Tea Forté (@teaforte.sea)'s Couture Tea Collection.


We had recently collaborated with Tea Forté - Handcrafted luxury tea blends, design-driven accessories and exquisite packaging come together for an experience worth savoring every day. Steeped in over 35 countries, Tea Forté is proudly featured at leading hotels, restaurants, resorts and retailers – and is the exclusive tea purveyor for the James Beard Foundation.

A celebration of fashion and tea, each signature handcrafted infuser captures the essence of beauty and luxury in different exquisite flavours . With top quality tea leaves and patented design packaging, Tea Forté promises the perfect indulgence for every fashionista.

Tea Forté’s patented pyramid-shaped tea infuser is an elegant signature of our brand. Unwrap, steep and reveal the exquisite nature of the handpicked leaves, herbs, fruits and flowers within. Each handcrafted infuser is designed to allow the blends to luxuriantly unfurl, letting the delicate aromas come through in every sensorially satisfying cup.

In addition to the health benefits that tea can provide, the herbs and flavorings in Tea Forte's natural healthy whole leaf tea blend may also  give you advantages.

Tea Forté takes great pride in its tradition of creating inspired tea collections . Each tea collection includes a variety of blends, all selected for the unique characteristics that they lend to each specific collection.

Each unique collection also comes in s beautiful Presentation Boxes, Tea Chests and Tea Accessories for elegant table settings. 

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