#SeoulPurfect x CHICKEN UP

Heads up, all you chimaek lovers out there!

Labelled as Singapore’s #1 Korean Fried Chicken restaurant, CHICKEN UP should come across as a familiar dining place to many Hallyu fans with presence of 4 branches islandwide and 2 others in neighbouring country – Malaysia till date.

Known for it’s well-marinated wings in signature ganjang (soya) and spicy yangnyum, CHICKEN UP serves up an extensive menu of authentic Korean dishes.

Pictured above: Yangnyum

Pictured above: Soya Wings

Sink your teeth into perfection with every mouthful bursting with succulent juices that’ll only leave you with satisfied tastebuds and a happy tummy. – that’s how we would describe their signature wings, if you were to ask us.

Creating such distinct and addictive flavours aren’t no easy process. Each chicken part has to be meticulously treated in their original marinate recipe for up to 12hrs long before diving into the deep-fry stage to seal in all the goodness with coat of perfect golden crisp skin.

Always making a conscious effort to keep things fresh, they’ve recently updated their menu with some awesome-looking creations. One of the star from the revised menu is none other than UFO Snow Squid Topokki - a huge delectable stew that’s served in a sizzling round cast iron pan with a large deep-fried breaded squid sitting atop of soft rice cakes (topokki) cooked in delish sweet red chilli sauce accompanied with sides of indispensable kimchi, corn cheese, egg pudding, kimchi fried rice and cheese.

Pictured above: UFO Snow Squid Topokki

The generous serving might come across as overwhelming for some, so it’s best advised to share this instagram-worthy dish with 2 to 3 bffs of yours!

And what’s a fulfilling Korean meal without soju as the perfect ending to wash down all those sinful indulgence?!

Pictured above: Watermelon Soju

The wildly popular Watermelon Soju should be on your list of must-order during next visit to CHICKEN UP. The cocktail brew takes on a refreshing taste with infusion of thirst-quenching watermelon juice that will definitely emerge as the crowd pleaser. Talk about ending your satisfying meal on a sweet note!

Just a gentle reminder, the serving is H.U.G.E . So best to share this highly addictive (and visual appealing) alcoholic drink with your chingus!

That’s not all! Check out more of their one-of-a-kind menu items at


The best part? With every purchase of #SeoulPurfect item, 1 x $5 CHICKEN UP cash voucher will be included in your order for you girls to enjoy a fulfilling meal at their Centrepoint outlet at privileged rate*!

*T&Cs apply.

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