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Secret Styling Tips To Look Skinnier

While a dress might look absolutely stunning in the store window, the story in the trial room might end up a lot different. However, instead of getting upset about the dress looking awful on you, you must try and understand the concept of dressing to your body type. The key is to understand your body proportions and wear outfits that flatter your natural curves while camouflaging your imperfections. We have rounded up a list of a few secret styling tips that will help you dress according to your body type and look a lot skinnier.

(I)Identify your body shape

Look in the mirror and evaluate your body's proportions and contours. Analyze the proportion of your hips, waist, and bust related to one another. If your upper body seems to be wider than your lower body, you are most probably an apple shape. On the flipside, if it is the other way around and you have wider hips and thighs with small shoulders, you have a pear type body. You have a rectangular frame if the width of your waist is just about the same as your bust and hips. Women with similar sized bust and hips and a narrow waist are known to have an hour-glass body.

(II)Opt for fitted styles

A common mistake most women make is buying a size larger or smaller than they should actually wear. While smaller-sized outfits can stretch tight onto your body and exaggerate your flaws, baggy attires too can create an illusion of a fuller you and make you look shabby and ill-dressed. Go for dresses that drape your body well and flow smoothly along your curves without smothering them.

(III)Wear tapered skinny heels

One of the best ways of elongating your frame and creating an illusion of a slender figure is pairing up your outfit with pencil heel shoes that feature a tapered toe. Such footwear creates a narrow silhouette for your calves, making you look slimmer and well-toned. Avoid big chunky heels at all times as they make your legs look bulky and short.


(IV)Find the right undergarment fit

The one golden rule of looking gorgeous in every attire is wearing the right undergarment underneath. A good fitting bra can not only provide adequate support and lift to your bosoms but also help in shaping a beautiful silhouette for your body. If you are not very confident about your correct bra size, it is advisable to get professional help from the lingerie's section at the mall for getting the right measurements.


Regardless of whatever you wear, it is imperative to highlight your assets to draw the attention away from your flaws.

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