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For the month of October, our OOTD campaign is themed as #PurfectBeautyGuru. And Purpur is proud to partner with renowned Japanese cosmetics label, CANMAKE TOKYO (, for this collaboration. (:

We are sure you girls ain't no stranger to this name. Having just celebrated their 30th birthday last year, CANMAKE has always been the beauty label to go for those who adores sweet and dollish look achievable with pocket-friendly price. 

On board with us for this campaign is @claireaudreylim, who is a well-known local social media personality for losing 40kgs, whom nicely curated instagram feed is what first drawn us to invite her as the face of #PurfectBeautyGuru. More than just a pretty face, her daily musings blogged eloquently on her other online platform makes it very relatable to local demographic as well.  

A joy to work with, this sweetie pie wthstands the unforgiving weather together with our Digital Marketing & Editorial Team without a single grumble throughout the entire shoot and remained professional with a lovely smile on and off cue. So here's a shoutout dedicated to her: Thank you, girl! <3


1) Your Lip Only Gloss 03 // $14.90
2) Glow Fleur Cheek 02 // $17.90
Are you a sunkissed girl? Bring out and enhance the radiance in you when you bask in the sunlight with the 2 Canmake products featured above. Sporting a gorgeous translucent plum shade, the lip tint only sets in a few moment after a layer of application. Afterwhich, just relax and watch magic happens right before your very eyes. 
Blush with a lustrous finish with Canmake Glow Fleur Cheek. Available in several shades, all with light shimmer in them.This makes your skin glimmer and in turn leads to a perfect lustrous glow which every girl yearns for. 
As seen on Claire:
Eeva Crochet-Trim Spag Top (upcoming)
Weslyn Distressed Jeans (upcoming)
GirlSquad Bomber Jacket (upcoming)


3) Powder Eyebrow 12 // $13.90
4) Quick Easy Eyeliner 01 // $12.90


Shaping your best brows eyebrows isn't exactly something that should be overlooked easily as it will define your face in the best way possible when done right. It's about styling: perfecting your shaped brows with the best suitable product out there to achieve your desired #browgoal. 

Canmake Powder Eyebrow comes in a base color as well as deep colour for easy adjustment of shade that suits your brows the most. Accompanied with a 2-way brush - sponge and angled, getting your eyebrows done during the morning rush has never been easier. 

Designed with ease of use in mind and as the name suggests, Quick Easy Eyeliner is a felt-tip baby that produce smooth and neat line along your upper lash line and nothing else. (Read: bid goodbye to ugly uneven lines with this.) 

The fine tip makes it relatively simple to target the gaps between lashes, filling them in neatly. (Read again: that's extra brownie points earned from us!)

As seen on Claire:

Nerita Halter Top (upcoming)


5) Marshmallow Finish Powder MO // $20.90
6) Perfect Stylist Eyes 10 // $18.90


Supplying the perfect base ensures the rest of the makeup applies smooth and evenly on your face. However, finding the perfect foundation is no easy feat as achieving flawless healthy-looking complexion is the ultimate #beautygoal. 

But wait, your search may just end here with Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder that gives soft and airy finish with it's lightweight formulation. Before you start casting your doubt on the level of coverage when the term "airy" strikes, we can assure your worries are uncalled for as this product contains concealing powder that makes pores and unevenness in skin texture much less noticeable. 

(Read in between the lines. Yes, that means good coverage is guaranteed minus away the much-dreaded cakey look from happening.)

Perfect Stylist Eyes - Eyeshadow quintets that you'll definitely want to grab. Available in up to 8 different combination to select from, there will definitely be one that catches your eyes. Don't belittle the compact case as it helm the power to create both natural and glamourous look all in the price of one. 

As seen on Claire: 

Kourtney Pleated Top in Blush Pink (new colour)

// RESORT //

7) Mermaid Skin Gel UV // $16.90
8) Color Mixing Concealer 01 // $19.90

"Never leave home without sunscreen on.". We've heard this umpteen times. If the thought of premature aging of skin is scary enough to terrorize you, then it's always a good idea to slab on generous amount of sunblock before you set foot out of your house. 

Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV has an SPF up to 50+ which is good enough to act as a sun defense arsenal (provided when reapplied as frequently as possible) when residing in a sunny island like ours. Breaks down into a watery texture as soon as you smooth it over your skin, this might be all you need for complete skincare and UV protection. 

For area-of-concerns, count on Color Mixing Concealer to render extra coverage. This trio palette allows you to mix-and-match your desired shade that blends in precisely with your complexion.

As seen on Claire: 

Olufemi High-Slit Maxi Dress (upcoming)


9) Gokubuto Mascara // $15.90
That all-important flick of mascara frames your face, pulling together your entire look in a few strokes. Get this work done with Canmake Gokubuto Mascara that is ultra-volumizing and lengthening. Special wave-shaped applicator brush picks up aplenty amount of the formula which helps to coat your lashes in just a few simple strokes.
Water-resistent makes this your next bff when you're out and about under the sun. 
As seen on Claire:
Bea Crochet Romper (upcoming)
- All Canmake products featured are available across selected Watsons stores / all BHGs  / all Tokyuhand stores / Metro Paragon & Robinson Heeren. -

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